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“I don’t know what it is as well with people putting lewd pictures of themselves on these places with everything showing. “I think we are overloaded these days, if you want to muck around and go on lots of dates, that’s fine and you can do that.

“But I know from speaking to people of different ages that there are people out there who want to settle down and they want just a normal relationship and to be treated well.

“When you’re looking at the site we don’t have anyone on show before you’ve joined, it’s not a cattle market.” Dennie met her own husband at a carnival in the 80s, when they got chatting and arranged to meet for a drink to get know each other.

She said: “It’s not a specific time I am going back to, but it is before the internet age in a way.

And when it comes to things that can be taken off the gun, like stocks and shot tubes especially, it’s all up for grabs. These are both the short- and long-throw levers, as well as the guns with the pump lever rod welded to the barrel.

It’s very similar to putting an M1 Carbine together with all matching parts, when the reality is that there probably aren’t that many, if any, in existence because of arms-room parts swaps over the years. I used to think that the guns with the squared-off triggerguards were made before 1925, but John Steed’s research and subsequent pamphlet taught me that the rounded sheetmetal strap triggerguard didn’t come into production until 1930.

“My rules are completely different, I joined some free sites and I didn’t have to sign up to anything really, my rule is you have to say you are officially single and looking for a relationship long term. “You have to have a photo on my site, some you can join without even doing that.

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Laurel said: “My friends and I don’t struggle to meet people, but with apps these days it’s all very superficial so it’s hard to find someone who might be genuinely looking for a relationship.

25 pump guns was an eye-opener for me, as I’m sure it was for a lot of readers.

Just a reminder that Daisy never threw away anything, so it’s entirely possible to encounter a gun with what are certainly 1920s features, yet it also contains a 1915 item as well. Today, we’ll jump forward and look at the guns made from 1916 to 1930.

Matches are encouraged to go for a dance, a drive in the country or to the seaside to give them chance to talk to one another.

Dennie is also a successful hair salon owner and it was through conversations with customers and her daughter Laurel that first gave her the idea.


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