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Allocating updatings

This medium access technique is, for example, implemented and used in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and other contention-based networks.In these FAMA-based networks, the communication of data from a transmitting node or station to a receiving node temporarily blocks any transmission of other network nodes that potentially may overhear the data communication.The present invention overcomes these and other drawbacks of the prior art arrangements.It is a general object of the present invention to provide improved routing in wireless or at least partially wireless multihop networks.In the context of the routing process, the first of these tasks is normally referred to as route determination and the latter of these tasks is often referred to as data or packet forwarding.For route determination, a common approach is to span a so-called routing tree.

The present invention generally relates to routing in communication networks, such as multihop networks, and more particularly to the issue of determining appropriate link cost metrics for use in route determination and routing in such networks.When a particular node in the tree wants to send a packet in the subsequent packet forwarding process, the node is considered a source node, and the packet follows the determined routing path from the source to the destination.Different nodes may send packets to the same destination over time, hence different nodes will act as source nodes and send along their respective shortest path.An additional benefit with multihop support is that by dividing a distance in multiple hops, each hop will experience significantly improved signal reception quality.Consequently, this can be exploited through usage of higher link rate that under certain conditions can reduce the end-to-end delay.In addition, as multiple destinations may exist, multiple trees may be generated, each rooted at a corresponding destination.Packet forwarding is normally relatively straightforward, whereas path or route determination can be very complex.The invention relates to determination of a link cost employable in route determination and data forwarding in a multihop communication network (1).This link cost is adapted to the particular characteristics of wireless contention-based networks (1), in which both network nodes (10, 20) involved in node-to-node data forwarding block neighbor nodes (30, 40, 50) that have to defer medium access during the data forwarding.In the last decades there has been an explosion in the usage of wireless communication for transmitting data between communicating stations or nodes.With this increase in wireless data communication, different types of wireless communications networks are developed that e.g. A recently developed such medium access scheme is the Floor Acquisition Medium Access (FAMA) scheme.


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