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Benefits of validating data using javascript

If you must use a technique for preventing malicious data submissions, consider using the following techniques: The following table lists the types of data you can validate when you use most Cold Fusion validation techniques. Some validation types are not available for all techniques; in these cases the table indicates the limitations.

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For detailed information on using Java Script for validation, see Validating form input and handling errors with Java Script.

This course assumes very little current knowledge of technology other than how to operate a web browser.

We will focus on practical lessons, short quizzes, and hands-on exercises as we explore together best practices for data management.

Different validation techniques apply to different Cold Fusion tags or coding environments; for example, you can use masking only in HTML and Flash format cfinput tags.

Validation techniques also vary in where and when they execute; for example, on the client browser when the user submits form data, or on the server when processing data.


  1. Dec 1, 2013. 13 URL encoding; 14 HTML encoding; 15 Encoded strings; 16 Data Validation and Interpreter Injection; 17 Delimiter and special characters. public String removeJavascriptString input { Pattern p = Pattern.compile"javascript", CASE_INSENSITIVE; p.matcherinput; return !p.matches ? input ''; }.

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