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Cacee cobb dating lachey nick

At its height, more than four million viewers tuned in each week to watch their fights over laundry, cuddle sessions on the couch and unintentionally hilarious conversations (“Is this chicken, what I have here? And so in Hollywood, where celebrity divorces are not exactly uncommon, this breakup has attracted more than its fair share of attention.In less than three months, for example, “It’s totally out of control,” says Simpson, who recently rented a dozen different vehicles in a single day to evade the cameras. “I almost peed in my pants,” she says of one such incident.One week later, however, when asked about news reports that Lachey plans to seek spousal support from Simpson, who far outearns him, she decides she doesn’t want to talk about the divorce anymore.Even in Santa Fe, before the latest round of rumors, she is vague about why, if the two are on such good terms, she walked away from the marriage. I’m just proud of allowing myself to think and to act and to be.“I never wanted to let anybody down,” she continues, hugging a pillow.While she is technically here to shoot fame, the change of venue will also serve as a six-week hiatus from her life.“It’s, like, girl time�a healing within in a lot of ways,” says Simpson, who is sharing the house with Cobb, hairstylist Jessie Holiday and makeup artist Mary Phillips, all of whom she considers her “best friends.”Simpson says she craves the organized routine of a film and can’t wait to spend her days laughing again.It’s so cruel and I just try not to let it affect me, whatever everybody was thinking about me.

But then you just have to realize that if you’re not happy, you can’t make anybody else happy.In Santa Fe, Simpson plans to regroup and, she says, “cleanse.” For the most part, this seems to involve giving up alcohol and caffeine and going for a lot of hikes.She’s also prying her fingers away from her Sidekick, primarily because she’s sick of seeing herself clutching it in photographs.Jessica Simpson not only has her own wedding to plan -- now she has her best friend's, too.Ca Cee Cobb, who was once the singer's personal assistant, got engaged to her longtime beau, "Scrubs" star Donald Faison, on Friday, after five years of dating.She’ll play an otherwise hot Costco cashier�”She’s, like, a nine or a 10”�whose beauty is marred by just one feature.In the grand tradition of Nicole Kidman’s prosthetic nose in Simpson will sport gigantic rubber Dumbo ears.“Now that they’re busy with managing Ashlee too,” Cobb says, referring to Simpson’s younger sister, “Jess isn’t the focus of everything.” Though Simpson insists that “my family is my life and I’ll never lose that,” she says she wants to spend more time alone, concentrating on “the stuff that I never really got a chance to focus on.” Still, her conversations continually drift to her relationship with Lachey.She claims she talks to him every few days and that he’s “absolutely” one of her best friends.Today, dwarfed by a masculine leather couch in her new living room and dressed in faded jeans with holes and a red turtleneck sweater with deer embroidered across her chest, Simpson looks less like a Barbie pinup than a sugary down-home girl, all smiles, “you knows” and hugs.Her four-carat engagement ring has been replaced with simple silver bands on her index fingers and thumb, and the only remnants of her vampy Jessica Rabbit persona of old are the high-heeled Miu Miu boots on her feet.


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