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Chat with black bulls

He was plain looking and with small, beta male endowment.

Somehow though, he had landed a very attractive girlfriend.

That confidence eventually turned sexual, and opened the door to a rather adventurous college experience, where I enjoyed countless women.

It was actually during my time away at university that I first learned what it meant to be a "Bull".

Even though he had a relatively average physical nature, he was a pretty good ball player.

He could thread passes between defenders legs, no look behind his back, and his hustle was second to none. The two of us got along well, and were rather friendly at the gym.

I played basketball through most of college, and even though I was good at it, I was never quite talented enough to consider the NBA a realistic option.

I learned to love coaching, and ended up as a high school basketball coach for an excellent national program, based at a local private school.

The BWM wasn't the only thing of Jim's that I lusted over.

I needed to know that I was okay, that I was normal.

"Honey, that thing is a blessing from God." She said, laughing.

Still, Francine made it easy for thoughts to wander.

It was clear the woman liked to flirt, at least with me.


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