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I finally plucked up the resolve to attend my gym, which is on the outskirts of my local city centre. The first was a stunning blonde, wearing a leopard print bikini and she was reclining by herself in the jacuzzi section.

It is a busy gym and I felt a bit self-conscious as I walked through the upstairs section to the changing rooms. I have never been successful with the ladies but the delusional egotistical ‘male’ in me told me that this girl was hot and that I could, if I so wanted, charm her into my bed so as to have my wicked little way with her.

Whilst you may think there is nothing strange about my belated grasp on reality, it is less the realisation and more the reaction that shocked me.

To sex up the literary classic, Wuthering Heights, the English director concluded that it would need to reflect the erotic desires of the UK and cast a black man as Heathcliff.

My fiancee replied, “If we were out together, and Pharrell was there, I wouldn’t just leave you for him! Which made me think she must have been imagining such a scenario herself!!

Little does my fiancee know that deep down I dream of being her cuckold, as she entertains a string of huge black men. Recently, I watched the UK’s latest version of Wuthering Heights.

Suddenly, all the celebrity interracial relationships came to the forefront of my mind.

As did images of beautiful white girls dancing in rap and r&b music videos and little comments made by my friends subtly championing the prowess of black men.


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