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La Ruina, who founded a company called PUA Training that promises to help men “become a pickup artist and pick up girls,” adamantly insists he is not a pickup artist, but rather a dating coach.

“In 2018, it’s not cool to be a pickup artist,” he says. I’m 37 and married.” He acts not only as ’s advice guru, but the star of its “instructional” live-action scenarios — he’s the player’s avatar, the everyman just out to meet a nice lady.

But the good thing about this game is that there are many chraracters to go after. I've started a new blog at wordpress it's called Reaching Towards You since my LJ is full of my tweets. I did have a guide for it and got Eduard's ending but it was disappointing as there isn't a CG gallery mode at all which is unusual for a Konami game.

If you want to look at pictures you can look at my tumblr nothing special... Better then Kiss Xkiss, btw if anyone wants Kiss Xkiss just send me a msg i will try to upload it if its possible. Actually it's unusual for a dating sim game in general. The site had changed: terms of gameplay Meine Liebe is better than Kiss x Kiss (but then I'm biased as I'm a huge Konami fan - they make two of my favorite series - Toki Girls Side and Suikoden).

The Icon Avatar is from I have Kiss Xkiss here, it is rather dissappointing in some ways but its alright in overall. However Kiss x Kiss was ultimately more fun in the end as I could win it easily without resorting to guides which is something I don't like doing.

Better then Kiss Xkiss, btw if anyone wants Kiss Xkiss just send me a msg i will try to upload it if its possible. This applies to Corda as well but you don't have to see them all in Corda.

The game offers a variety of scenarios for players to explore, from picking up a woman at a club (and more inappropriately, the office) to interrupting — always interrupting — an unfamiliar woman at a coffee shop who’s trying to read a book.

If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer.

Your goal is to find the best way to infiltrate their conversation.

If you try to leave them alone to enjoy their evening, the game chastises you until you successfully breach their bubble.

On the negative side though the gameplay can get repetitive and there aren't many events.

Still throughout this I prefer it to Meine Liebe simply for the "being able to beat the game" factor.


  1. Feb 20, 2009 Does anyone no of any nintendo ds games that come under the category of Dating/Stimulation. Dating games for Nintendo DS. Any dating game for the.

  2. Sep 04, 2012 Meet the girl of your dreams in this fun dating sim Shibuya Gyaru Dating Sim game. Every girl is different. Discover the tale of each girl and earn her love and you shall be rewarded.

  3. Romano dating sim. on Scratch by Mukashi. Art by me. For you,Okamiwolfgirl! and Romano fans! I drew this and wanted to make something of it.

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