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There are all kinds of activities on campus to suit the per- sonality and likes of each individual student enrolled in school whether he be interested in athletics, music, dra- matics, clubs, or social affairs. Included in the Finland program will be a well- known speaker, and the Jef Ts are try- ing to sign Boake Carter to help in the drive. GUTOWSKA Continued from Page 1 came a lawyer and diplomat as well as a champion athlete. Gutowska became one of the ten women professors on the faculty of the University of Warsaw, where she was until recently Profes- sor of Physiology and Nutrition. Let us make the most of our short stay on this beautiful campus by taking a more active part in the ex- tra-curriculum activities which the school offers. C.- AMHERST Cojitinued from Page 1 Holyoke plan to use their chest funds, while Amherst Colleges plans to stage a Finland Night in Amherst's Col- lege Hall early this March with the State and Amherst Glee Clubs com- bining for the first time in the his- tory of the two colleges. Audience reaction and criti- cism could have serwd to permit the author to revise the play Intelligent- ly if need be, Those who saw "The General Died in Red" are generally agreed thai another performance af- ter finals Would result in a larger audience and a more polished play. This Chest Fund would be a sum of money collected from the student body, faculty, and others associated with the college. Martini a,- instructor in landscape architecture, Mrs. During the World War Majo Young served overseas with the 2nd l'. Friday night's enact meiit of "The General Died in Red- should have been merely a prelude to several other presentations since this was the play's debut behind foot- lights. It is apparent from the people interviewed that in general the idea of having a Chest Fund meets with approval. Under the direction of Norman Richardson, assistant re- ligious director at Amherst; (I. Dowley, manager f the Amherst Glee Gab; Doric Alvinni, musical di- rect..)' at State; and Arthur No chairman of the 6-coilege drive for Finland relief funds; the program is now taking on a definite shape ami will sooji be released. This concert will combine I in voices of the State men's and wo- men's organizations and the Bfi men in the Jeff dub.

Coupled with a defense that is not backward about checking, the Maroon have played two close games that have given the spec- tators more than a quota of thrills and spills, literally and figuratively. THE MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGIAN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1940 Skates and Skis — We have a Com P lete 4K? WALSH College Outfitter MAROON FIVE Continued from Page 7 shots from the middle of the floor to give the fans something to cheer about; Howie Rudge counted three long ones and Don Allan registered five points. \g V V 2 STATE I 5 2 3 7 2 4 1 2 1 1 t 2 4 6 1 l.i Totals II 13 43 iteferee R, Winters and Farrell. Major Young is a native of Hostoii and for some years was a membu.' of old Troop A, 1st Massachusetl Cavalry and National Fanrers, before the World War. The list of freshmen fol Women Ackfitnan, Janice Albercht, Pranc M J. Scheduled for February 16, the first night of the two . s M r* F, Mi Copyright 1940, Ligcftt & Myfrs Tobacco Co. First plans include the signing of a Continued on Page 6 \yy Benny Carter, greatest swing nxo phonisl of all time, was signed yester day, to supply the music for the Win- ter Carnival Rail, according to John Osmun, chairman of the Rail Committee. i NO TEMPORARY OFFICERS FOR CLASS OF 1943 Larry Reagan, Senate President, Announces Change in Election Rules ADDRESS OPENING CONVOCATION TO PICK COMMITTEE Three Men, Two Women Will Conduct Preliminary Business No preliminary freshman elections will be held this year, according r 229 MEN, 111 WOMEN ARE ENTERED IN CLASS OF 1943 Monday's Registration Lists 340 Freshmen; Complete Week of Activities Now Underway for Frosh with Tests, Sing, Bonfire, Reception and Elope Pull 338 STUDENTS MAKE "a'...vtomok.«.w SPRING DEAN'S LIST A, at" ***£% MS"*" A I Ir/vk Twtneyt Named in 90-100 Group to 'Boost Average Over nly strong determination lately he would have favored some to be specific at any COS( will keep change in the neutrality laws of the us out of war." I . Unbiased Distinguishing quality between "The General Died in Red" and the "historical mo\ ie" craze is the play's unbiased treatment. We on the Council feel that it is silly to come several times during the col- lege year to ask for funds for the Red Cross, for Finland, and for nu- merous other purposes. At any rate, it contained an abundance of good ■Cenes and of students with excep- tional acting powers. The statement sent to the Collegian by the Student Religious Council fol- lows, "At the meeting of the Student Religious Council last Monday after- noon the council spoke out in sup- port of the Campus Community Chest for which the Collegian came out in favor of in last week's editorial. The summary 1 2 1 sfhin(;kield G Mc Vean, rf PHnntier, rf Mortennon, If Gray, If Sparaoo, If Rtddin K. Dean Machmer, Dean Nicholson of Smith, Dean Allen of Mt. together with the super- intendents of about 25 of the high schools of Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire counties, decided to start a survey to determine the types of courses needed for such a program, when they could best be given and how many teachers there are inter- ested in taking them. I .eland scored a lone marker for State, on a rebound from Gaumond's shot M. Their two standouts, how- ever, were Schmidt at forward and Werner at guard. Werner, a smooth-worker who seldom gets ex- cited, was the spearhead of the at- tack, passing through the local de- fense swiftly and accurately. If Rudm, If Hurley, rf Bn-glio, rf Totals Q F P 1 3 5 2 4 1 1 1 1 3 2 4 2 2 3 6 1 1 9 8 26 Deans Meet Consider Possibilities For an Advanced Degree For High School Teachers The deans of the Connecticut Val- ley colleges met with superintendents of Western Massachusetts high schools, Tuesday night, to inquire into the possibilities of advanced de- gree courses for high school teachers. Bho Wfl twenty students in the first Thi ' F»ehman week prog, am for the scholarship group for the spring sam- **o«ati M° wi U continue through ester of last year. HAM) REHEARSAL its first rehearsal of the year next .[nine students attained averages HI The men aril 1 1 I Thursday evening at p.m. Rather, they were "farmers, sailors, Indians, negros, cowards, and thieves." Thus Revolu- tionary dayi takt on ■ more direct meaning to the audience. We are the last of but let us not wait too long to make j up for this deficiency." Of contrary opinion was Albin F. The honorary society has not yet c o N by Jackie Stewart considered the idea of a Oust Fund, but Irzyk's personal opini- on was, "I think it's a good idea, but I do not think it will w .,;, at this college. S., perhaps in the direction of Choice of Means 1943 as new arrivals to the Stall' cam- The Dean's list issued this week l ,us flowing registration Monday. Washington's army was not depicted as a collec- tion of heroes. When these requests come, there should be an ex- isting fund from which money could be drawn for these needy and worth- this need with the Community Chest, the colleges in this section to cover wnile purposes. .75 .90 Kentucky Club 75 All 15c Tobaccos — 2 for 25 .15 Prince Albert 10 .15 Velvet 10 All Regular 10c Tobaccos— 15 for "I......." .25 PIPES OF ALL SHAPES AND MAKES FROM 25c TO .00 Box of Book Matches 08 50. The Only Cut Rate Drug Store in Town PROGRAMS Continued from Page 5 Reuben E. Van Meter — Meeting of Recreation Commission William G. Vondell — Mountaineering and Photography Major Donald A. Let us put a lot of enthusiasm into our school activities this year. Make it such that you will have some- thing to take away with you; some remembrances that you will be hap- py to recall in later years. '.65 .90 Granger 69 .90 Half and Half .................'.'!


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