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Dating military man ivillage

Expectations that were too high to begin with are dashed. Ever notice the endless supply of divorce lawyers that swarm around Military bases? They don't know how to get help for the issues befalling them and have no real support base.

Before you know it you are either in trouble with your command, your divorced (and yup there goes most your paycheck for child support).

There is the stress that the Troop has to deal with in their day to day job.They don't take the time or the effort to make it work. Marriage in the Military world is even harder to maintain, especially in times of war, frequent deployments, low pay, and lets not forget the affects of stress on our Troops. They're not kidding when they say being a Military spouse is the toughest job in the service.So, lets talk about the main problems I saw posted on the boards.Gods, where to begin......about the frequent posts asking about getting married.First is should I get married before I get in, after tech school, right before a deployment? Most are away from home for the first times in their lives, many right out of High School.In a world that wants and usually gets everything instantly, marriage has become a disposable commodity.Folks rush into it way too fast and when the going gets tough, they get going.Cause I've seen some 40 year , phone calls and we did get to know each other better than most who've been dating for years. I see women and men posting that they are in love with this person that they've been emailing on the net.First of all, how can you love a person you've never met. Also, keep in mind that anyone can say anything on the net. And yes they can pretend to be something they are not.Granted due to if he is a Seal he can't tell her much. Some will say that because of the very nature of Military life, (i.e., all the of times the accusations are unfounded, but it ends up adding a tremendous stress on the marriage. Someone is always talking about someone, and the big one is usually about who is sleeping with who.But the fact that this has been going on for two years and meetings keep getting canceled.... Many times it's some married man (Soldier or otherwise)who is trying to get someone to chat with them. I was talking to my Soldier's Father on the phone when we met on the net. My Hubby says it should be a law that you live together for a year before marriage, and I have to agree with him. Or you have the bitter spouses that make statements about cheating military spouses.


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