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"In France, there have alway been sauces, which is to say that the Franks and the Gauls moistened their food with a flavored liquid.These early sauces, spiced and pungent, sweet and sour, do not, however, qualify as ancestors of what we know today as French sauces.The first French cookbook, the celebrated Viandier of Taillevent (whose real name was Guillaume Tirel), provides ample proof that the fourteenth century still dotes on Oriental tastes.A typical Taillevent sauce for roasts consisted of mustard, red wine, powdered cinnamon, and sugar. On the other hand, we do detect the beginnings of what we sould call sauce in Taillevent's coulis, broths thickened with cream, butter, and egg yolks, which served as the basis of the soups so popular at the time.Tather, they-- and the sauces served in France until the beginning of the modern period--were a continuation of Roman and Mediterranean practice.Garum, the basic Roman sauce, was made from fermented fish.One of the oldest sauce-type references (albeit fuzzy) is Ancient Roman Garum/Liquamen.Classic French Mother sauces were created in the 17th century (La Varenne)& codified in the 18th/19th (Caremen/Escoffier).

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

), chicken with blanc-mange, mutton shoulder with capers, loin of veal 'mustardized'..powdered ginger, and myriad salted fish.

in any case, it is clear that the concept of serving food with sauce had not taken hold in Rabelais's time, nor was it usual to build a sauce on a base of stock or coulis...

Which were fermented together with the intestines of larger fish such as tuna, and it was included in a wide range of recipes.

Its name was derived from a Greek term for a sort of fish, garos." ---An A-Z of Food & Drink, John Ayto [Oxford University Press: Oxford] 2002 (p.138) "Garum...


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