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Dating yulia russian

We has wonderful nature, cold winters, green springs, sunny summers and gold autumn! It does not mean that there is no person here with whom I can have friendship! I told that I have very good and interesting foreign friend! She was very glad that we communicate and she said that I should do as my heart says me! I belive her and we are the best friends with my Mum! q "belive that one day" script has been used before, 2009, other "Olga" She contact me yesterday in DMF as margo - ID: 165478 - 26 y/o female (1983 - December - 11) - samara, Russia - English, Russian, - meneger - Have no children Hello.

And the same time I can write you what I think, what I like and dislike! Yesterday when I came home my mother cooked taste supper and when we ate it I told her about you!

I belive that one day I will be very happy and financial problems will be behind me! The first time I talk with someone on the Internet I'm a bit worried and I do not know What else can I write to you. If I talk with the person I want to know a lot about it and I'll be very thankful to you if you can answer my questions. Yes, it's probably hard to build relationships on the internet, but I want to find a man who will love me and greatly appreciated and I sure you can be my man xxxxx I hope you understand my letter ... Your Rita Received: from [] ([email protected] with plain) From: Margarita ..... I do not think that our dialogue as a distraction, I I write you a very personal thing and I think that you're serious about to me too.

I so like to get letters but today I was especially pleased to get letter from you! I want to know about your life and about your country! I work in the shop but my salary is too small to live. It`s so hard to live but I try to do everything possible! I think later I will find new job because my salary it`s enough only for most necessary things. That`s why I like to listen very calm romantic music, communicate with closed for me people. In the letter, I'll write all about yourself that you are interested! I'm an ordinary girl, I love an active lifestyle, I love sports when I have time for this. But I will not conceal from you that I was also curious to know about your country, our mentality is different, but I think that we can easily find common language with you. Also, I'll be very glad if you send me your photos. I want to tell you that I live with her grandmother, her name is Anna, I will I will send pictures to her ... You are probably wondering why I have not found her man in Russia, I tell you I do not want to have relations with Russian men because they are not thinking about how to have a serious relationship, I tried to enter into relations with Russian men, but he only wanted sex with me, so I did not build a relationship with him, I heard that Foreign men are very romantic and good value relationships with girl ... So I'm looking for a serious relationship in another country and I think that there are other men. Dear yesterday I had a very good time, but every time I remembered you ... Your letters are very important for me as I relate to this very seriously. Your Rita x_7773777yuk....later I shall kiss her there....

On Saturday and Sunday I do work at home, go for a walk, cook, read books and have a rest. I think that books teaches us how to live right and we can see very good advices there. xxxxx, I have so many questions for you, and I hope that I learn a lot about you. I am happy that with each letter, we know each other more ... I'm glad that you understand the idea about my outlook on life. I'm pretty independent woman, but I'm ready to tell you their dreams, very well when there is a person with whom You can discuss this, I'm glad you understand me. I want to tell you that I want to have happiness as the Real Girl, I want to have a family, have a darling man, that will always be with me. Your Rita x_5553555My dear, I'm glad that you are nice to look at my pictures, in this letter I will send my pictures more ... For me also pleased to recognize that there is someone - someone who thinks of me and share ideas and desires. My friends know about you and I even showed them your photos.

I have decided, that I shall try to fix acquaintance through the Internet. It`s first time for me when I decided to meet with the man through the Internet.

I - enough adult, also do not want the relation within several weeks. To you writes "Alexandra Cherkashina" from site Russian Euro. I hope that our correspondence will be nice for each of us! I belive that one day I meet my love and I`ll love him forever.

f=18&t=484" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; f=66" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; IP: This IP address resolves to localhost [Whois] [Trace] 7 Hosts on this IP Number Domain / Host Functions 1. ]: srv4[Whois] [Trace] Local time in Germany: 2009-11-08 Host of the IP: onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; [Whois] [Reverse IP] Host IP [? This Ural mountains, unfortunately I've never been there, but I really wanted to be there visit. Dear xxxxx, I want to know what you prefer to do in your spare time?

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL United States (Sunnyvale)* .72 United States (Sunnyvale)* .25 United States (Sunnyvale)* United States (Sunnyvale)* United States (Sunnyvale)* 2.32 Germany (Frankfurt , ... ]: Keyweb AG Organization: Keyweb AG IP Network Host of this IP: [? I want to travel and learn interesting things and parts of country and all world. Also in Russia There are many different sights of nature. Our exchange of letters is interesting to me, I think that in the future, our exchange Letters will grow into something more, do you agree? Going there you can meet a lot of passionate people and I'm a little envious of them, because they have already found their love, and I dream to spend more romantic time with your loved one, this could be dinner or just a walk, movie, or just be together.


  1. Nov 16, 2011. He then told Ukrainian television that he was still looking for Yulia, though admitted she may not be able to recognize him because he normally wears an enormous Russian hat. He also had this message. It gets sadder. The AP reports that Yulia, a doctor, heard what had happened to Dolago and paid him.

  2. Beatiful Russian girl Yulia, Odessa photos, videos and contact information.

  3. Yulia is a Slavic female given name, the equivalent of the Latin Julia. In its translated form from Russian/Ukrainian/Romanian it can be spelled Yulia, Yulya, Julia, Julja, Julija, Yuliya or İulia. An alternative spelling is Ioulia or Iuliia. Notable people with the name include.

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