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Floyd mayweather dating

During an interview with Britain’s Channel 5 last May, Clarke revealed she left him nothing but a bedsheet soaked in dog’s urine as revenge.“I took the bed, I took a massive 6-foot mirror, the dressing table, the lights, the curtain poles off the wall, the curtains, the rugs.Okeke says the ride was delivered to Bad Medina on Saturday -- and obviously, she loves it."This is the 4th car Floyd has bought for her in less than two years from me.In all fairness…does Mayweather EVER have anything exclusive going on with any of the ladies he’s linked to?But as long as they are enjoying each other’s genitalia, we suppose they have free reign to call it whatever they want.“Although she knew about his reputation as a party animal, she’s been pleasantly surprised,” the insider said.

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Earlier this summer, British news outlets like started reporting that Floyd and Abigail have been secretly dating.

Floyd Mayweather is about to fight in one of the biggest matches of all time and lots of fans are wondering if he has a special lady in his life who will be supporting him.

The 40-year-old professional boxer does not have a confirmed girlfriend, but there have been rumors swirling that he could be dating British reality star Abigail Clarke.

She has 3 Rolls-Royce Ghosts and now the 2016 Rolls-Royce Phantom drop." Enjoy ...

Floyd Mayweather reportedly is giving monogamy a try.


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