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This writer hesitated to publish the photo, which was sent shortly after Thanksgiving but, decided to do so in order for people to understand what we are fighting against.The picture will be made available to subscribers only for now and can be seen below. Notice, for example the white cloth or paper around the fingers, they seem to be there so that people have something to hold on to as they rip them off.However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.

Walt Disney was a well know pedophile amongst his inner circle of friends.The shockwaves caused by the fall of Italy’s Renzi will be the biggest for now, because it paves the way for the election of a Five Star Movement government that promises to leave the Euro.There will be a “world of hurt” in the Italian banking system as a result that will only speed up either the re-introduction of the Italian Lira or else lead to the possible creation of a new Mediterranean currency, P2 Freemason sources say.The push is headed for “a hard and fast 13 December deadline mandated by Title 3, U. Code, Section 5 that each of the individual American States must have concluded all controversies related to their voting and submit their Electors for the 19 December Electoral Collage vote to install that nations’ next leader,” CIA sources say.This push will fail because the bloodlines do not have any real backing in either the US military or the agencies, Pentagon and CIA a sources say.In this way, it is a real-time discernment exercise.The fact that so many people continue to read his reports despite their sensational and wildly inaccurate nature at times—while also being accurate and poignant—means the people he receives information from are probably using him as a mouthpiece to speak to you—the reader who is on their awakening path.NOVEMBER 2, 2016 FORMER STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STEVE PIECZENIK MAY HAVE SENT THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE IN AMERICAN HISTORY CAITLIN JOHNSTONE THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS ENTIRELY THE OPINION OF CAITLIN JOHNSTONE AND DOES NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE INQUISITR. Steve Pieczenik has made a series of serious accusations on You Tube that, if proven true, will easily be the most important ever made in American history due to what they portend.If what he’s saying is true, all the guys and gals and non-binary pals in America are about to stop and question everything they’ve ever assumed to be true about their country, their society, and the life they’ve been living up until this point. Pieczenik is saying is true, it would be more significant than the U. government publicly announcing that both the September 11 terror attacks and Sandy Hook were false flags, and that Osama bin Laden was really killed in 2001 and stored in a refrigerator for ten years, all at the same time. But please bear with me, let’s just look at this thing.It has been going on secretly since the late 50’s early 60’s in America in the entertainment industry.Most likely before then as well…the main reason Walt Disney built Disneyland, finished in 1955, was to have a central location for his close friends to come pick up children and have a good time.


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