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Handle children dating after divorce

Often parents and children get locked into a contest of wills, and the parent wins with a “Because I Said So” argument.Afterward, they doubt themselves as parents and feel guilty, ashamed, and inept.

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Setbacks and obstacles can make us stronger if they challenge us to grow.Maybe other kids at school hit, and the child is learning to do the same.Maybe they learn it from if you spank or punish in anger.In these cases, it’s not that the child really feels anger (or feels only anger), but rather that they know anger will provoke a change in the environment that may be a change for the better.It is important to remember that anger is not the same thing as aggression.It can be triggered by embarrassment, loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and hurt.Children often respond with anger to these types of situations because they feel helpless to understand the situation fully, and helpless to change it.The first step toward better management of children’s anger is to set aside what we were taught, and instead teach something new.Teach children that anger is normal, that it is acceptable and normal to get angry.To understand why one child becomes more angry than other children takes some time and effort. The thing to realize is that our anger is generally a reaction to frustration.In children, however, anger appears to be a more generic emotion.


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