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Is lauren conrad dating shawn pyfrom Nz free chatting sex cam

Only this time John wont be going after Gabby (Eva Longoria-Parker).

Instead, he’ll be dating Ana (Maiara Walsh), the niece of Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) that moved in with Gabby and Carlos in the season 5 finale.

We only hope that more actors and celebs speak out about the tragedy that is drug addiction.

After the unexpected death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on Sunday, many of his peers in the industry have spoken out about his passing.

James Denton, in an interview recently, said that by season’s end Dave will do something so horrible that there would be no other option than to kill him off.

However, tonight jealousy showed it’s ugly head in their relationship.Later it was Lynette’s turn to get jealous when she found out from Gabby that Tom had been flirting with another neighbor.Lynette and Tom made up at the end of the episode, but then Carlos told Lynette that she looked good naked at the VERY end of the episode.First when Tom thought that it was inappropriate for Lynette to be showering in Carlos’ (Ricardo Antonio Chaviro) shower at work and then when Carlos saved Lynette after she hit her head in her own shower causing him to see her naked.Carlos is friends with both Tom and Lynette and is married to Gabby (Eva Longoria-Parker).I really hope that Lynette and Carlos don’t hook up. This chick sure came off as desperate tonight, huh?She tells Mike (James Denton) that part of the reason she wanted him to move in was so that she felt she had more of a commitment from him. So, Susan goes to console Dave (Neal Mc Donough) who is grieving for his recently deceased wife, Edie.The family definitely has a secret, which will play out throughout the season.My favorite news, of course, is that Jesse Metcalfe is returning to the show in the role of John.Series creator, Marc Cherry, said that he does not want to lose Andrew all together because he really likes the character.Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos) has joined the cast as a new series regular. Angie moves to Wysteria Lane with her husband – new series regular, Jeff Nordling (24) – and her son – new series regular, Beau Mirchoff.


  1. Well, that took no time at all! Lauren Conrad only just ended her dalliance with Dancing With The Stars' Derek Hough, but is already rebounding hard with Chace Crawford, of all people! The pair were reportedly spotted flirting at Voyeur in El Lay, and then later "making out" at actor Shawn Pyfrom's.

  2. Lauren Conrad and Audrina. Kris Jenner's Face When She Finds Out Scott Disick Is Dating. LC spent all night hanging out with Shawn Pyfrom from.

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