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Is online dating haram Dating websites with free messaging

And from that we understood: if you’re gonna talk to boys on MSN on the computer in the living room, have another tab of Solitaire open just in case.

I envied the fact that my white friends always seemed to have it easier than me in terms of meeting and dating guys.

It gives an opportunity for two people to grow together, sharing the burdens of hardships and the benefits of success as they experience life side by side.

Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s life.

Other young Muslims I spoke to had better experiences than I did; Javed, 24, said that “it’s easier to meet Muslim women online now because it’s not like we’re white people who can just go to a club or a pub to meet girls, and I’m not gonna meet them in the library am I?

Apparently some Muslims think that this is a "halal" way of trying to find a spouse!

Finding love as a young Muslim in 2017 Britain can be a stressful experience.

just because I have this trust issue where I worry that people will make up their persona online and it might lead to false expectations, but I know there are both good and bad stories from couples that met online.” For many Muslim kids growing up in Britain from a diaspora background, often our parents’ cultural and religious values at times felt burdensome and in direct conflict with our own hormonal desires and social environment.

Watching shows and films on television showing teenagers pursuing relationships openly made me feel major FOMO when even talking about dating at home was taboo.


  1. Oct 12, 2017. "Dating" as it is currently practiced in much of the world does not exist among Muslims. Young Muslim men and women or boys and girls do not enter into one-on-one intimate relationships, spending time alone together and "getting to know one another" in a very deep way as a precursor to selecting a.

  2. The doors are shut in my face without being given a chance, as though I have passed my “used-by” date. Unless one has contacts through family and friends then their chances of getting married are slim. The easiest option I find is using the unorthodox method of searching through online matrimonial ads and “Islamic”.

  3. Jun 3, 2013. This is one in a series of 17 short videos created by the Muslim Public Affairs Council MPAC. In the videos, Dr. Hathout, a long-time leader in the American Muslim community answers point-blank questions about some of Islam's most controversial subjects, including women's rights, homosexuality and.

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