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"Once a mother brought out her first-grade daughter and asked if she could walk with us as she feared the dogs, Aiken wrote.

"I was proud that she trusted us and after that she joined us daily." Some of the sights they passed on their trek included Metherd's sawmill, but "we weren't allowed to get very near, since Willie Koogler broke his leg badly by getting near those large logs." Sometimes Mr.

This most probably was a log school run by Quakers at West Branch. It is easier and less costly now to keep in touch with email, Facebook, and other types of social media.

Henry married Sarah Shiltz of Darke County in 1840. RTHS is fortunate to have the attendance book and minutes of the Becker family reunions from the first reunion on August 31, 1902 to the last on June 26, 1977.

The second wave began after the National Road had reached the township in 1838 and brought mainly German Baptist families overland from Pennsylvania.

In 1865, Henry built a new saw mill and shipped large quantities of black walnut to distant points on the C. The first Becker reunion took place at the residence of John S. There were 113 people in attendance, 97 relatives and 16 visitors. Surnames from the attendance record read like a who’s who of Randolph Township – Baker, Becker, Bowman, Carey, Gilbert, Harley, Harshbarger, Heckman, Hemmerick, Hoke, Hoover, Miller, Rinehart, Royer, Swank, Thomas, and Wheelock to name a few. After attendance was taken, attendees visited and played games, said grace, and enjoyed a meal together. Clara married Melvin Bennet and her daughter Ruth also is in the photo. Soon after, Betz' father bought 3 acres of land on the north edge of Salem (Clayton).

The probe began five months ago based on complaints from the home, officials said.

Scheduled visiting hours are from 2-4 PM on the first and third Sundays of each month April through October, weather permitting, and also other times by appointment. Randolph Township was formed from Elizabeth Township in 1804.

An important source of firsthand information includes daily diaries written by individuals who lived in Randolph Twp. Several such diaries or journals have been donated to RTHS: Cleo Beery, 1923–1928; Libbie Rinehart Burger, 1892–1909; David E. Eby, 1864–65; Ollie Waymire Geuhring, 1894–1954; Ruth Sibert and Naomi Sibert Wenger, 1933–1956; and D. The transcriptions and original diaries may be accessed at the RTHS History Center.

Many members may remember Kathleen Aiken, daughter of Montifer and Maud Free.


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