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Messi dating sex dating in chilson michigan

Her father introduced her to Leo and both went along well. The girl claims that Leo used to treat him like a lady.Nothing more than kisses ever happened between the two.Both were friend’s as kids and were parted when Leo moved to Barcelona.In 2008, Leo officially announced that he was in a relationship with Antonella.She is 6 years older than the Barcelona forward whom she was rumored to be dating.Although there has never been a confirmed report whether the 2 were in a relationship or it was just a gossip.He doesn’t seem to get involved in conflicts and fights very much.

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Antonella was the cousin of his friend who lived on the upper floor.

An Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez shared something about his brief meeting with Lionel Messi at a Peruvian TV.

During the interview, she disclosed that she met with Messi at a party where she was called upon by him.

This means their wedding is set to take place just days after Messi's 30th birthday, which is on the 24th June.

This news comes whilst there is uncertainty surrounding Messi's contract.


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