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With local conversations flowing as freely as the coffee and sometimes sizzling as much as the bacon, it was apparent at the Patriots Diner that a retro sense of community and a connection to our neighbors never really went away in a world often perceived today as too fast-paced, conflicted and impersonal.Chefs and cooks showcased their occupational skill and skillet set through offering huge portions of comfort food classics, while no- nonsense but friendly waitresses served as unofficial family to customers with their welcoming ways.Although each diner is distinct in its history, personality and food offerings, the common theme of comfort, friendliness and proud tradition happily takes me away from a frantic, societal hamster wheel world of cell phones, laptops, patented city and suburban road rage, and man-made noise (construction, trucks, mowers, leaf blowers, cable news “I’m right, you’re wrong” discussions -- you get the picture).Diners might be considered by some a thing of the past, but they are also a dining-out hope of the future as locally-owned and operated small businesses offer satisfying meals, prices kind to those on a budget and a priceless, down-to-earth style of service that sure feels different from the generic, chain restaurant presentations.This is an important distinction that sets diners apart: you don’t come here for the fancy decor, so the food better be good!

Sometimes a part of the work day when traveling New England for my travel business, Visiting New, I often sit alone at a diner reading the local newspaper.

People also seem to be returning to the basics with their lifestyles by rejecting the superficial, faceless, expensive and shallow, and instead embracing things that really matter.

Diners really do matter to locals, travelers and any walk of life as a place to connect with our great country -- you’ll see the most wonderful cross section of customers at these dining destinations.

Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted people of other religions.

Jump to: Best Diners in Connecticut Best Diners in Maine Best Diners in Massachusetts Best Diners in New Hampshire Best Diners in Rhode Island Best Diners in Vermont Newest Diner Posts: Yankee Diner, Charlton, Mass. Introduction The neon moon eventually gave way to a muted stainless steel sky color and then bright sunshine where America the Beautiful woke up in all its spirited glory to start another day at a local diner that, given its 24/7 business hours, never stopped working.


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