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I see the media mis-define it over and over, and even occassionally I see medical professionals misdefine it.

On the topic of VBAC bans, 19 hospitals in PA reported having “De Facto” bans (D), while 5 reported having “official” bans (B) in the survey done by ICAN in early 2009.

psychosocial development of mentally disabled adolescents I am a fan of The Generous Wife, a Christian website that sends out a daily e-mail to women with tips on ways to improve their marriage.

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industrial development and ecological issuesppt jolo development ns similarities between kohlberg erickson and piaget development theory in psychology research job on formulation development for lubricating oil In all the flurry about VBAC access and VBAC bans, sometimes the “primary” cesarean rate can get lost in the shuffle.

I think the primary cesarean rate is the most misunderstood of all the cesarean statistics.

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