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Kenneth Allen Notre Dame Seminary EXHORTATION "CHURCH IN OCEANIA" PUBLISHED ON INTERNET Includes Conclusions of 1998 Synod VATICAN CITY, NOV.22, 2001 John Paul II made cyberhistory today when he published an official document on Internet, speeding it along to the communities it was addressed to -- on the other side of the world.Add to these kooks the sexual deviant, or average teenage male if you will, and you have the potential for any number of perverse approaches. It is the downside of the instant and global communication that chat rooms offer.Nowhere in "Cyber Space" is this more apparent than in chat rooms. " (as in "cyber-sex") are enough to make you want to hit the exit button and stay out of chats forever. Just when we found a way to express ourselves to everyone at once, we learn that everyone at once wants to express themselves.There is, however, a very dark side to the internet, as other recent headlines from Zenit's e-mail based news service might easily attest. 28, 2001 (Zenit.org).- More than 130 people were detained today as part of an international operation to halt child pornography and the abuse of minors, BBC reported.In addition to Great Britain, the pedophile network extends to the United States, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Holland, New Zealand, and Turkey.Throw away any assumptions that you will never meet a kook or freak online.It's just impossible to actually be an online commuter/resident (I prefer Netizen) and not run across your average nut-job.

The first step is to start with a more reputable chat room. For one thing, you have the complete freedom and power to block anyone you want."Sometimes they do it but sometimes they don't." Do you ever meet these women? Leave me alone, there's a girl in the chat room."So what's the point? On the whole, though, I'd have to say that my experiences with online life have been gratifying.I've met a new group of friends that, though I've had no "real world" contact with them, have proven to be just as loyal and interesting as any I've ever had.Here is a forum where anyone with a computer can log on to be anyone or anything they've ever imagined, and yet the most common persona is that of an undersexed, pathetic loser with a limited vocabulary and a porno driven imagination. What is to become of the Internet community when this is the most common creature to roam its roads? And express themselves they do, sometimes in the most profane and freakish ways possible.Are chat rooms going to become the web equivalent of cheesy disco single's bars? In a recent experience, I had the opportunity to watch a real cyber-pro in action.They had more than 60,000 such images, which could be downloaded from the Internet.[2] The internet's dark side includes, evidently, public databases of up to 60,000 photographic images of child pornography, an alarming statistic.In a response to the growing awareness of an evident threat to underage children, the U. Supreme Court is again considering legislation which would offer some level of protection to children, after striking down the same legislation a mere three years ago.In an unprecedented operation, police in England and Scotland searched the homes of suspects and confiscated computer databases, BBC disclosed.Through the National Crime Service, police in Britain followed Web page users specialized in supplying child pornography, BBC reported. Agents succeeded in dismantling more than 30 Internet news groups specialized in supplying child pornography images.Whatever, you definitely know right away that this kid is not a sexy guy. I use them all the time, and I've met some extremely interesting and socially developed people."I get a couple of girls into a private chat," sexxy_guy told me when I pulled him to the side. What sexxxy_guy seems to be teaching us is that it's better to have a bunch of torrid, imaginary affairs than to go out into the real world and actually meet a real person, and maybe even have real sex. I've also met more than my fair share of freaks, kooks, and weirdoes.


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