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Last January, Shelley raised the issue in his inaugural address and has been working with the City attorney's office to devel- op legislative options to address it.

Pacific Bell has plans for a citywide total of 28 such antenna and transceiver loca- tions, according to a representa- tive of the Department of Public Health.

"I would be concerned about «p^.y X"me h re b ^ ,d cwf: Matrix II still in force, 28 arrests, 200 citations Photo: Philip Ubono Gangi Katherine Feinstein, director of the Mayor's Criminal Justice Council, answers a question during the open discus- sion on community concerns after speaking at the Richmond Community/Police Forum on Tuesday, Sept. Police say number of serious crimes is down in District by Eric Louie Crime rates for some serious offenses are down in the Richmond District, accord- ing to District police Captain Jerome De Filippo.

The meeting also featured a presentation by Katherine Feinstein, director of the Mayor's Criminal Justice Council.

Family Clan Going Strong Page 8 Pac Bell cellular network plan leads to questions Since you asked by Tom Prete A proposal before the San Francisco Planning Commission calls for placing two sets of cel- lular telephone antennas and transceivers on Geary Boulevard, just two years after a plan to put similar antennas on George Washington High School was withdrawn amid neighborhood controversy.

Pacific Bell Mobile Services wants to put at least two sets of six antennas on Geary Boulevard, and at other locations throughout the City, according to Barry Pearl of the San Francisco Planning Department.


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