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Playing with matches misadventures in dating

I'm just going to open my options back up again and continue The Search.

Lyrics of the Day"Now there's no welcome look in your eyes when I reach for you, and now your're starting to criticize little things I do.

What started as a means of chronicling the online dating experiences of two picky yet adventurous almost thirty somethings has turned into a chronicle of all that is, was and has made up their collective dating histories.

Our two original daters are now joined by several other fun, breezy, sassy gals, and Playing With Matches is now a missive on dating misadventures, a cacophony of ups and downs, turmoil and bliss. So to bring everyone up to speed..i ended up texting him on Friday and asking if he wanted to grab a drink after work.sometimes i cannot leave things be..part of me though "f it" if he says no, he says no and i move on..he says "yes but i'm leaving for chi town"who knows what that means...really...i have been super strong and not texted since..then again, he has not texted me either.

He acted as if he was aware that what he was doing was rude, but didn't care one bit.though because there are some mutual friends...i heard there was weekend texts being sent..have to wait and see if i ever have anything else to blog on him...pretty sure he will be at same new years party..we all know what can happen new years eve!on a side note,have met another...really kind of strange..i am limited on time..he is worth some consideration..his blog will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. Well, in part because I'm a girl and in part because I'm crazy. This is of course a pleasant change from EE who never e-mailed when out of town (or even when at home) and who did not own a cell phone, but I digress again. And, if so, does this make our pending date a mercy date..made back when you still liked me (last week) and which you feel obligated to keep, but you've decided you're "just not that into me." (Thanks Greg). Having read the full text of the e-mail, she found no cause for concern. AG and I have another date scheduled in the very near future. When out of town, he's quite good at keeping in touch via e-mail. Does this mean you'll be out of contact for the remainder of the week? And then, I read the second to last line of the e-mail "Enjoy the rest of your week." Um, it's the beginning of the week., Playing with Matches will make you laugh, cry, and thank the dating goddess that at least it didn’t happen to you.I'm reluctant to even waste my time going to the concert with him, but I figure I'll just do it anyway on the off-chance that he'll realize how truly fabulous I am and propose marriage.If not, I'm going to try to force him to man-up and tell me that he doesn't want to date me, instead of avoiding the subject and slowly disappearing.The dealbreaker time that I secretly held in my head was .He blew it all right out of the water by waiting until .


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