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Ps3 has problems updating

it will single beep if successfully unloaded, or double beep if not loaded at all.you will also get debug output - Changed the memory management comparing to his original source, which has improved stability.col=network&seg=seg_premo) this will start Remote Play server from XMB. It search recursivly ttf font in the directories '/dev_flash/data/font' and '/USRDIR/GUI'. The second is to use the following combo: -Dock to LEFT : Hold R1 LEFT D-PAD.

An Open Source Playstation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative ( - added now the ability to disable specific codes at button press - introduced a new codetype 5.

- "GX" config files from '[Mana Gun Z Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/GX'. - "SOFT" config files from '[Mana Gun Z Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/SOFT'. - "CURRENT" config files from '[You PS2 Backup Path]. If it's not a match the command ID on your screen will be displayed in red.

These are the CONFIG found in official ps2 classic pkg. - "CUSTOM" config files from '[Mana Gun Z Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM'. [CHECK] Morever, PS2 CONFIG editor check if the original data from the command ID : 0x9 & 0x A & 0x B matches with the data of your PS2 backup.

It allows you to mount a backup stored in your USB device or in the internal hdd as a virtual Blue-Ray using 4 differents UI : "List", "Grid", "XMB" and "Flow".

Release Thread: This is the initial release, but it is intended to be an "AIO backup manager". Fix : MD5/SHA1 of 4GB files Fix : Scetool keys file.


  1. Following the PS4SaveEditor Leak, Cyber Save Editor 4.50 Bypass, news of the Xploder PS4 Cheats System and PS4 Save Wizard initial announcement, today.

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