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Red state blue state dating site

But a majority of the state’s voters wanted Thomas E. Truman when our electoral votes went to the Republican governor of New York in 1948. By the time the concept of red and blue states was born after the historic election of 2000, New Jersey had voted for a Democratic presidential nominee three consecutive times. The Dole motorcade had stopped traffic on the Garden State Parkway as his bus made stops in Holmdel and Red Bank as he traveled south along the Jersey Shore. But we dreamed of Camelot when New Jersey preferred John F. Ford and agreed in 19 that we would be better off with Ronald Reagan."Because of the high deficit spending we’re seeing at the federal level, it’s likely that every state is currently receiving more in federal spending than its population paid in federal income taxes," the Tax Foundation's Morrison said.We tracked down the creator of the graphic, Jesse Erlbaum.He grabbed Ocean County Republican Chairman George R. They haven’t had one in four years.”Dole was campaigning with then-Gov.Gilmore by the arm and said, “This is a fantastic crowd.”“Don’t let Bill Clinton scare you,” Dole said when he addressed the crowd. Christie Todd Whitman, who was a popular enough figure at the time that there was buzz she would be a candidate for national office herself one day.In fact, a dozen or more states can be characterized in most elections as swing states, which might be more appropriately shaded in purple.

Since then, New Jersey has been solidly a blue state in all statewide, federal elections and the polls indicate that Nov. Today, for us, it’s big news when Mike Pence, the Republican vice presidential nominee, plans to drop into the New Jersey’s Republican stronghold of Ocean County, for a closed-door campaign fundraiser. The last Republican presidential nominee to make a full-fledged campaign swing through New Jersey was Bob Dole on Oct. Arriving at Toms River High School South by helicopter, Dole was met by a crowd of 12,000 who had gathered at the Indians' football field to hear him speak.

At the top of the list: California and Texas, the notoriously conservative state--and Georgia, which rounded out the top five. have climbed to a record 4.8 million, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center earlier this year.

Further down, Alabama takes the number 15 spot, despite having legalized miscegenation as late as 2000. Experts there point to the steady flow of new Asian and Hispanic immigrants, which has expanded the pool of prospective spouses.

Bush in 2004, which is a larger number than voted Republican in 2008.

But the definition of states as Republican or Democratic isn't immutable.


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