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(if this was the first running of his horse, it was Aug 11) David moves out of his Cabrillo Drive house and with nowhere else to go decides to move into his small studio-provided dressing room.

It's a bungalow in building 113, a few doors down from Alfred Hitchcock's office.

It's Chris' 8th birthday and they stay and talk till 2 in the morning.

end of production on the "O'Hara, United States Treasury" series.

The studio portion of his work will be at the same Universal studio lot where he got his start 20 years earlier.

Where the turf meets the surf is where the sh** hits the fan....At night, the studio goes quiet and David, probably its only overnight resident, plays his music loud.The living arraigment is convenient but highly unusual. Dani Greco comes to cook dinner for David at the studio apartment one night.Their whirlwind romance has settled some and is replaced with a daily routine and a dose of reality.His feelings on marriage post-divorce have soured ("the cliches don’t work....certainly the pursuit of the house with the white picket fence and kids being brought up in the same place has gone by the boards”).David and Rosemary attend the opening of the Del Mar racetrack season with friends the Joey Formans and Dani Greco (who comes without husband Buddy who is performing in Las Vegas).The alcohol-fueled weekend ends badly and the couple splits.His next part as Treasury Agent Jim O'Hara awaits a green light from CBS pending approval of his recently completed pilot.It will be 7 months before he has daily filming commitments again.with David Janssen's 3rd TV series "O'Hara United States Treasury" approved for production in the summer, David takes a trip to Washington D. where the pilot is shown to government officials and David receives an orientation from the Treasury Department.The new Secretary of the Treasury John Connally and Janssen have previously met--they were in Africa together in 1967 on the same "American Sportsman" safari .


  1. David Janssen March 27, 1931 – February 13, 1980 was an American film and television actor who is best known for his starring role as Dr. Richard Kimble in the.

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