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Rules for dating a law student

Aside from that, though, do you have the time to actually commit to dating?

Dating in any arena, law school or not, takes up a lot of one's time.

Let us know what you think or want to advise should be added. Now the “Dirty Dozen” tip –Sure they might earn good money and have all the pizzazz and chutzpah you like, but like ordinary mortals they can come out with eye-bleeding student debt. This means several things, including cancelled dinner dates, stressful nights (and days, for that matter). Regrettably the average lawyer is also a person of intense self interest and competitiveness.

If you move in it’s likely to be a cheap attic studio with loan repayments that makes you think you could be living in the Hamptons. All of which means you have a noisy partner who wants you to pay when you go out. It’s not necessarily that lawyers love their work, it’s just that the law is a demanding mistress. They are frequently, but by no means exclusively, Type A personalities.

You count too, so make sure you embrace your own job and without entering a “I’m more important than you! While many of you may have entered law school at the point in your lives where you're lucky enough to already be with a committed, loving partner, there are also the (somewhat vast, at times) majority of law students who are, how do we put this ... It's not uncommon for folks who work or go to school together to end up dating, but, law school is an especially particular animal when it comes to dating and love.With that said, here are some things to consider: Time and Commitment Okay, so that one guy or girl who sits across the aisle from you in Con Law is seriously adorable and you mutually have been feeling the sparks.Remember they’re trained to argue – in the same way catwalk models don’t smile and parking wardens don’t look you in the eye. But while having the occasion argument is all fine, lawyers will cross examine you and declare your argument inadmissible. They’re trained to be ‘right’, even when they’re not.You need to learn how to agree to disagree and to ‘park’ disagreements rather than simply folding.You may be treated as one of the tickets to partnership in the sense that you have the good sense to date someone impressive, smart and attractive.Be ready for the stress that comes from that window-dressing too because your lawyer may be using you as the stepping stone that makes you second best and forever relegated to a footnote in their beautiful career.Since dating is incredibly unpredictable, be wary of the many risks that you may be faced with while doing so in law school.From public break-ups to nasty rumors being churned out by other bored law students, there are many social implications that may affect your decision to date another law student.Whatever you do, do not reduce your job into a second-rate position.You’ll be expected to attend various law firm functions that will see enormous pressue on the need to impress.


  1. Sep 19, 2016. Lawyers, good ones at least, believe greatly in preparation and in order to date a lawyer successfully you need to know some home truths. Sure they might earn good money and have all the pizzazz and chutzpah you like, but like ordinary mortals they can come out with eye-bleeding student debt.

  2. Normally we give advice to law students and lawyers. We are devoting this week's advice to their better halves. Lawyers and free time are not typically well acquainted with one another. And anyone married to, living with, or otherwise romantically entangled with a JD or soon-to-be will tell you that the relationship can be.

  3. Dec 9, 2013. A good general rule of thumb to go by is keep all your dating matters private. Communicating Your Needs. Communication is key in all relationships, but especially ones that occur during law school. If you're going to be dating a fellow law student, make sure that the two of you are on the same page when it.

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