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However, after the Scottish parties it all changes.Beer cans, cigarettes, alcohol bottles, unfinished slices of pizza, chips and sausages everywhere in a club area. I do not know why but during a year in Scotland I got the opinion that young Scottish people just want to have a stable job and a family, do not really have any higher aims in life. So having the same boring job for years and years, if it’s possible, is what they need.Who cares that when you walk (if it’s possible to call that shaking of legs, walk!

Scottish country online dating site, rural dating website, farmers dating agency, facilitator of countryside introductions..us what you like but Muddy Matches is the only place in Scotland where you will find tens of thousands of genuine rural singles, single farmers, equestrian singles and good old fashioned country lovers who, like you, are interested in meeting some new like-minded people for dating, friendship or shared interests.While Italy is more dirty on the streets, Scotland is unbelievably clean with no rubbish, mostly not even cigarette ends.Most of the North European countries are very very organized with nothing on the ground which is not supposed to be there.First of all, there are appearance differences between the Scottish and the Italians.But you would know that even without me saying so, right?And the shortest one you have (without half of the arse out looking at the club visitors you would maybe not get into the club).What I find really stupid is that they do not wear tights sometimes in winter and not even a jacket, just a minidress and high heels and a small handbag in 5 Celsius degrees. Talking about high heels, less than 10 cm are just not excepted by Scottish as heels.Obviously, it is just my humble opinion after a detailed observing of 730 days.However, it is a generalized comparison where not every single person of Scotland and Italy would fit.I thought you go out to enjoy, not to spend all the energy on walking without killing yourself.I have to say Italian girls have quite lovely hair, it is just so natural and look very healthy and thick.


  1. If you're more into kicking back and relaxing, you can do so in Kelvingrove or Queen's Park. Whether you were born in Scotland or are just visiting, Badoo is a great place for flirting and dating. With over 100,000 new users every day, there are always loads of new guys and girls in Glasgow to go on a date with. About.

  2. Muddy Matches Scottish countryside dating. Rural dating in Scotland. Country dating in Scotland. Date farmers in Scotland. Meet rural singles in Scotland.

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