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Finally replace the battery, making sure that the electrical contacts line up with the contacts in the body, and then replace the back cover, pressing it gently into place around the phone.Now you're ready to turn on your new phone and set it up for the first time.Very surprised (to be honest, far less polite thoughts.......) to discover that although the box labels it as Bluetooth 3.0 support, it does not support handsfree or music streaming function. I reckon this is a complete con - very difficult to find this info until you get the device and then try it.Haven't seen it mentioned in the 'official' reviews.....Later Nuovo designed the 232, a consumer phone with bags of style. The Nokia rin Go, marketed as a cheap, easy to use phone for the Swedish market took the concept of simplicity too far.

Words that appear on the bottom row of the screen show the functionality of the left and right hot keys, as well as the middle hot key button in the centre of the scroll ring; Your new Nokia 225 should set up automatically for internet connectivity when you first turn it on.

The result of this collaboration was a gradual expansion of Nokia's range to cover many different types of user.

There was very little strategy, design or marketing applied to early mobile phones.

This process will only work with phones that are equipped Bluetooth, but don't worry, it's extremely unlikely that your phone does not have Bluetooth.

By now you are probably getting quite familiar with the Nokia 225, so here's some last tips to try and let you get the most from your device.


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  3. To make matters worse, British traditional markets were changing as Commonwealthcountries made bilateral trade arrangements with local or regional powers.

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