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Don’t get into the lift with anyone who seems to be especially relishing their recent elevation.

Society unjustly expects women of color like myself to accede to male domination, while forgoing the enjoyment of free expression of sexuality.

But this new study reveals that the corrupting effects of power operate the same for men and women.

Newly felt authority increases harassment tendencies among people who had been feeling low in power over a previous extended period, whether male or female.

What I'm saying is that without the counterweight of a woman to provide a supportive POSITIVE view of sex and how a woman can accept a man's sexually, what they are now superficially hearing is that a constant parade of even famous men are being apparently 100% rejected by women, and are coming.

Certainly, this will have the positive effect of making some men understand that consent is extremely important.

Accounts of sexual aggression in the worlds of entertainment and politics are abounding on both sides of the Atlantic. The study titled "Sexual Aggression When Power Is New: Effects of Acute High Power on Chronically Low-Power Individuals" was partly inspired by previous research, which has found that among men and women strongly interested in casual sex, more power increases beliefs that subordinates are sexually interested in them.

In contrast, more power discernment of a subordinate’s sexual interest among those already less interested in casual sex.

For some impressionable young men with little sexual experience, or single men who aren't in a good intimate sexual relationship with a woman, the current spate of news can leave a distorted impression that women generally don't like sex, and are horrified by watching a man masturbate, are horrified to see his penis, etc.

Why, then, psychologically, do people pursue influence?

Is it an unequivocally attractive prospect for self-promotion?

Another study found that men lower in social power were more hostile to immigrant men.

Psychologists argue that a subjective sense of one’s own power may not necessarily correspond to objective reality.


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