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Ultimate introductions dating service

Our women are classy, gorgeous and independent, and are looking for their male counterparts.” Concierge Introductions offers three levels of services. The Silver Level offers 12 guaranteed dates throughout the year.The Gold Level offers 20 guaranteed dates throughout the year.

Clients at VIP Level also qualify for concierge services – planning, accommodations, entertainment and dining are arranged for clients. Clients are not bound by many rules – no married men or women, please – but are encouraged to go with their natural chemistry.“It’s nothing like the Internet, where people post decade-old photos of themselves and claim to be single when they are married.”Concierge Introductions, a matchmaking service owned and operated by Katya Hutton and Marianna La- Bonte, offers a precise, upscale, professional and, most importantly, confidential service.Concierge Introductions was formally started in July 2009, though Katya and Marianna have been creating relationships between people for years.“It seemed to just work well for us – we had a good sense for what our friends were looking for, and when we came across someone who we thought fit them well, we paired them up,” Marianna clarified.They are able to scour their matches, checking out photos, winking at other members, e-mailing with them.When the time is right, they decide to meet for a date. However, there is one glaringly huge problem with these Web sites – people are not always so truthful. We offer such a personal service – meeting our clients in person, advising them on their dates, speaking often – that we can see and we can know if they lie,” explained Katya.“It seemed to just work well for me – I had a good sense for what my friends were looking for, and when I came across someone who we thought fit them well, I paired them up,” Katya Clarified.“That is how Concierge Introductions started – I wanted to be able to give more people across the nation the chance to meet someone they could love.Additionally, Marianna and Katya are always there to follow-up after the date, to advise their clients and offer suggestions, and to make sure all parties are comfortable.To date, Katya and Marianna have matched multiple members and maintained a high success rate – to read testimonials about recent success stories, visit the Concierge Introductions Web site.Membership is not limited to locals only; Marianna and Katya offer nationwide services as well as international.“We aim for quality, not quantity,” said Katya.“We are selective about the people that become members of Concierge Introductions.


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