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Updating status on facebook

Facebook status is one of the key interactive features on Facebook.It allows users to receive information about what their friends are doing, reading, watching or thinking, and provides opportunities for friends to comment and interact based on what is shared.For example, if you just became engaged, you can indicate this relationship status in your Facebook profile so your friends and family (and potential suitors) will know that you are getting married soon.

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This isn't without reason, however, as many people have gone on Facebook to post a status update and found themselves still on the site 45 minutes later instead of working.

ET, it appeared access was being restored; a number of publishers kicked the tires with “test” status updates.

(The Verge’s “test” was well liked and shared.) System outages aren’t common but they aren’t unheard of either.

When a status is updated, it posts on the user's personal wall, as well as in the news feeds of their friends.

Statuses can be updated from a web browser, mobile site, or through text message.


  1. How to Write Good Status Updates on Facebook. Facebook isn't in its infancy anymore and your status updates shouldn't be either! It's time to get savvy about writing status updates that intrigue, interest, and inspire your friends and.

  2. A Facebook status update is generally designed to be short and provide some information without going into too much detail. Status updates have gained a place in popular culture as a new form of literary expression and many websites have emerged to publicize funny or clever updates.

  3. Update Status. 2,453 likes. This site is fun based update status for your facebook account Twitter

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