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Who is gibby from icarly dating if dating roles were reversed

In some ways Freddie and Gibby were poles apart from each other."I know and I meant it that I'd love to."He recovered from his split second of shock quickly.

"Great, I'll pick you up at seven then."It was the most relaxing date that Carly had ever been on – the most pressure-free. She liked how he didn't go through with his joking threat to take his shirt off – especially since he was wearing a suit and that would have both been difficult, weird and completely out of place.

"So are you.""Mama don't judge her own nub." Sam cracked a grin and decided it was time to be honest with Carly. You know, travel the world with a bevy of hot guys – not settle down with."Carly didn't get her logic but she didn't always with Sam as great of a best friend as Sam was. " Sam didn't have her doubts, but it she couldn't help bringing it up."You know I didn't.

Gibby on the other hand…""He didn't grow up half bad, I'll give you that.""Mmm hmm.""I'll bet Spencer's glad.""He just wants me to be happy.""So do I… "And if Gibby presses those pleasure buttons of yours then I guess we approve.""You guess? "You two make a perfect couple" she corrected insincerely."Thank you Sam. "Gibby the Romantic."Sam and Freddie approve." Carly told him as she rested against his chest in a state of pure relaxation."And why wouldn't they?

Series 3, Episode 2 CC UR SD When Sam accidentally reveals to Carly that she and Freddie shared a secret kiss, Carly confronts them both about why they never told her about it.

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"She nodded against him in a state of unthinking bliss.

Carly's not like any of his other girlfriends.""How did Gibby get so many girlfriends over the years anyway?

That always puzzled me." Spencer scratched his head but kept the cardboard in front of his face.

She gave it thought as someone would with any major decision, spoke to Spencer who made her realize that another opportunity like this might never come around again.

She might never find someone that could make her laugh, smile and give her so much in such an unassuming way.


  1. Sam and Freddie are STILL dating, but that ain't all that's happening around here! Spencer starts a bread business, we make a stupid movie, and Gibby brushes a cat's teeth. You know when people say, "Oh you guys are TOO cute together"? Well. these two are! And, why don't I have a boyfriend so we can be too cute.

  2. Nov 16, 2012. The sitcom that chronicles the adventures and escapades of Carly, Sam, Gibby, Freddie and Spencer has regularly been one of the top-rated series for tween and teen viewers. With the finale that airs this week its 109th episode “iCarly” is also one of the longest-running live-action series ever on the.

  3. Jun 19, 2014. Nothing brightens our day more than finding out all the amazing things our favorite former Nickelodeon stars are doing and how much they've changed, which is why we're dedicating today's Transformation Tuesday to iCarly. The show was a part of our lives for nearly six years and we can't help but yearn.

  4. Jun 20, 2010. Besides the iCarly blog of Carly's recently where she said she took the quiz online and got Gibby really amused me and the fact that technically Gibby did save. Gibby the Date. "If you're sick of dating jerks just date Gibby." Sam had meant it as a joke as if that was the very last thing Carly would ever do.

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