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This is a petroleum free solution – your clothes wont smell like lighter fluid, they’ll feel better against your skin, fit better, look better, and last longer.By contrast, people who claim to be green but then take six flights a year to resort destinations or choose to drive a Hummer, without buying carbon credits to offset the input, are hypocrites and risk being called out as such in social media.

And even if you can find people with the same way of living, it then comes down to connection and attraction. On Wednesday night I attended Berkeley's first Veg Speed Dating event at Saturn Cafe, which was put together by my amazing eco-vegan Karine of Karine Brighten Events.I concluded that, at the very least, I can blog about it.Environmentally conscious people or what I call share good value systems that express a commitment to society and faith in humanity.I spoke to a few people about their experiences and everyone said it was easier than they thought it would be and that they were meeting great people, love connection or not.If you're in the Bay Area and are single vegetarian, vegan or are simply veg curious you should absolutely come to the next event.Green singles care about more in this life than just themselves; they have in their minds the welfare of their fellow citizens and society in general.Each passionate and self declared green guy or green girl out there is usually a very intelligent individual capable of considering more than just their own well being.What if you had to wear your carbon footprint number (issued by a neutral 3rd party environmental watchdog agency) on the back of your jacket in public? The secret to finding green singles is to look for Eco-friendly activities and services and go there.I mean what if everyone knew how much of a polluter you are? Dating sites that let users filter members based on mutual interests could engender green dating and let single people shop for green potential partners.That faint photocopier fluid smell on freshly cleaned fabrics isn’t that exciting to me anymore.The only reason this old system still exists is because people don’t know enough to choose the alternative.


  1. Oct 7, 2008. I recently ran across this Treehugger article that introduced me to a new term, “ecosexual.” Looking for someone to date who shares your concern for protecting the environment isn't a new concept, but apparently there are a number of dating sites that have sprung up to meet a growing demand. It's a growth.

  2. Dating services for vegetarians, vegans and earth-friendly people. Make vegetarian, vegan and green partners, penpals and friends.

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