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Once the violence and repression associated with the Brazillian dictatorship established in 1964 came to a head in the early 1970s, Voss would return to France where he continued to work as an illustrator and painter.

During his long career—which was cut short when Voss passed away at the way-too-young age of 65—his artwork had been used widely by Métal Hurlant, which when translated to English means “Screaming Metal.” Métal Hurlant has been referred to as one of the most influential comics to ever come out of France, and with good reason.

I’ve posted an array of Voss’ work including his dubious punk rock character Heilman which you must see to believe. Welcome to the miniature world of Frank Kunert, where everything is a little topsy-turvy and nothing is ever quite as it seems like a stairlift that can fire its unlucky occupant out of a window like Mrs Deagle in or a funeral plot disguised as a bedroom for two eternal lovers.

Kunert’s handcrafted miniature models are inspired by the history found in the “decayed facades of suburban houses” of his hometown of Frankfurt.

That’s what made his band the Fall so special—it led, it never followed, even if it was just Smith and “your granny on bongos.” Among the more interesting questions came in 1981, when the NME asked Smith for a list of his favorite things. Mc Culloch (a weekly serial) True Crime Monthly Private Eye Fibs About M. ’77 COMEDIANS Lenny Bruce Alan Pellay Bernard Manning All Ian Curtis derivatives FILMS Polanski’s Macbeth Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety Fellini’s Roma The Man with X-Ray Eyes and The Lost Weekend starring Ray Milland Visconti’s The Damned Days of Wine and Roses with Jack Lemmon Charlie Bubbles with Albert Finney TV Bluey John Cleese adverts MUSIC Take No Prisoners—Lou Reed Peter Hammill Johnny Cash The Panther Burns God Save the Queen—The Sex Pistols Raw and Alive—The Seeds Pebbles Vol.

The list was for the paper’s column “Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer” which centered around the idea the way to the heart of artist was through the food their brains consumed. 3—Various 16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits A few months ago, I told you about the Cedar Crest Country Club and the importance it played within DC’s skate punk scene.

There is no mistaking the brothers’ sensibility: both the toy porn and the rock numbers delight in jokes that are in questionable taste, especially if you happen to be Rich Little, or the estate of Joseph Cotten.

The Frogs, of course, are famous for their homophile Homestead LP Born in France, artist Alain Voss would spend much of his early life in Brazil.

The young Mac Kaye was a member of ragtag boarding crew Team Sahara, along with another punk forefather, Henry Garfield (now known as “Henry Rollins”).Alain Voss was among Métal Hurlant’s well-chosen, visionary artists.Voss’ work has also appeared on various hard-to-find French record sleeves, as well as a series of Brazilian compilation albums with inspired psychedelic covers from the early 1970s which are quite collectible.In his answers, Smith offered up an eclectic mix of genre and cult writers—including Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. The political climate of the capital in the early eighties inspired a revolution significant of the times, one that would continue to influence underground culture up until present day. The origins of skateboarding are rooted in Southern California surf, but many can say its attitude came from DC punk.Dick, Norman Mailer and two novels by Colin Wilson; artists, in which he includes soccer player-cum-manager, Malcolm Allison; comedians where he gives a nod to “Ian Curtis derivatives,” Bernard Manning and drag artist/comedian/actor Alan (Alana) Pellay; and some of his favorite albums/cassettes. Lovecraft Beyond Good and Evil—Frederich Nietzsche .... Bands like Government Issue, Bad Brains, SOA, and of course Minor Threat, brought a much needed edge to the sport, substituting the sunny beaches with grit and concrete.More of Kunert’s work can be seen here, while prints of his work can be ordered here. I put on my brand-new mantle of despair, my vintage girdle of bitter compunction, and my 9 veil of ignorance with the Swarovski crystals in it, and here I am without any shoes of indolence to complete my ensemble. Martens partnered with the Tate to print William Blake illustrations on their footwear.Now I have my choice of gnostic kicks for a night out., this two-hour video the Flemion brothers made for Kurt Cobain in 1993.It depicts the erotic adventures of a group of polysexual knickknacks, which are intercut with live performances by the Frogs.He then worked for various photographic studios before becoming a freelance photographer and artist in 1992.Since then, he has mainly focussed his attention on the creation of his miniature worlds. That’s the kind of thing I used to find myself saying before Dr.


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