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We kampai'd them several times at a couple of enkais.

That being said, they were both gone once April rolled around. Obviously it might lead to some awkward interactions if you're dating your JTE or something, but is it rare?

The magazine describes the woman as someone who "had the same feel as a Hollywood actress", and the pair were apparently talking in English.

Puff was hideously screechy as befits her antagonist character in , but in Just You everything clicked and she was adorable even if overacting most of the time. The official drama stills are the kicker, anyone who watched and followed along with Just You will immediately recognize iconic scenes such as naked Aaron in the shower getting accidentally spied on, the two leads playfully sitting together, and the leading lady pressed down on Aaron’s on the sofa.

Is it something that the other teachers would think is weird? Aside from this fact most teachers wont damage their career on a one year fling with the latest JET monkey.

The official line for Japanese teachers is relationships are not allowed and if it is discovered one partner will be transferred My JTE is getting married to the hot math teacher in January.

But the magazine did not imply any romantic relationship, as a showbiz insider comments, "I don't think they're an item".

Kamenashi was previously rumored with Kyoko Koizumi, Aya Omasa, and Anne, among others.


  1. Feb 10, 2011 He's dating another pretty girls. now he's dating a foreign girl and that's so beyond my limit to beat. haha. not to say when he date Japanese woman.

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